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The Curse Pre Workout

Reasons why you need a fat burner

So, beach season is right around the corner.
You’ve worked hard, eaten well, kept everything in check but there is still that little bit of adiposity you would like to get rid of.

A fat burner might be the right choice for you.

Weight loss pills, or fat burners, can help you shift that last little, niggling bit of extra weight that you just don’t want. Let me explain.

You should know…

Cobra Labs: The Curse Pre Workout review

The Curse Pre Workout from Cobra Labs, available at Maximum Sports Nutrition is one unbelievable pre workout that is guaranteed to give you an edge in the gym. Quake in it’s shadow, accept the knowledge that nothing will get in your way and the weights will crumble around you.

I gladly accepted a tub from the guys at Maximum Sports, they’ve never steered me wrong in a product recommendation y…

Kinetica Oat Gain: Orange & Mango

Thinking about buying Kinetica Oat Gain Orange and Mango flavour?
Have you tried their Orange and Mango Recovery formula?
If you answered YES to the above two questions, you’ve just hit the jackpot! Kinetica Oat Gain – Orange and Mango

Not only is the new Orange and Mango flavour Oat Gain just as delicious as the recovery formula but it has a great consistency, like a smoothie, but BETTER!

Carb Backloading: The aftermath… An ongoing project

Carb backloading seems to be working wonders for me than any other diet.
I just can’t get down with Intermittent Fasting, although carb backloading isn’t that far off to be honest, so that might be something I try in the future. Who knows! Maybe after I’ve bulked up enough to cut down, but if the carb backloading does what it’s supposed to, I shouldn’t need to cut too much, if at all.


Carb Backloading: The Magic Stage

Quick update on carb backloading.

Get yourself through 10 days of 30g of Carbs and you are plain sailing to a trim and sleek physique!
Last night was the first indulgence night after 10 days of carb depletion and deloading.

This morning, I was expecting to feel sluggish after training hard yesterday and then eating whatever I wanted from 8.30pm right up to midnight.

The mass consumptio…